Knysna car service center for the Repair & Mechanical Servicing of all motor vehicles. Let's help you out today!

Knysna Vehicle Servicing Center

If you're looking for reliable car mechanics in the Knysna / Plett / Sedgefield area, KMS offers vehicle servicing and repair that will make you view car maintenance in a new light.

We work on all vehicle brands from the smallest up to 10-ton, petrol & diesel, manual & automatic. Our RMI affiliation means you have peace of mind. We also service generators!

We stamp your maintenance schedule booklet after each car service, to ensure you retain Full Service History status for your vehicle. We can use agent sourced or generic parts, as you prefer, although you may want to take brand warranty conditions into consideration when you decide.

Our vehicle repairs & maintenance workshop also offers on-board brake disk skimming in-house, pre-journey safety checks and roadworthy service and resolution.

We handle all mechanical vehicle servicing and repairs and where we need to outsource (e.g. new tyres, wheel alignment, radiators or auto-electrical), we arrange it all on your behalf to take the load off you.

NOTE: we recommend you book your vehicle maintenance service about a week in advance. If you have a breakdown or repair emergency, call us to sort out a solution!






One-stop Vehicle Repair & Service center of Cars, Generators etc.


Whether a specific mechanical repair, or a maintenance service, we do it.

We have 7 bays and 6 lifts, so quick turnaround times, unless awaiting parts or engine / gearbox issues require more time.

We quality assure our work and our workmanship is guaranteed for 6 months or 10 000km and the parts suppliers' warranties are passed on to you.

We'll wash & vacuum your car unless you're in a rush.

One-stop Roadworthy Preparation, Service & Issue Resolution service.


We offer a Roadworthy Prep & Resolution service to roadworthy your vehicle.

Your vehicle will be serviced, pre-checked, taken in for roadworthy, remedied in case of any issues, and your roadworthy certificate delivered with your vehicle.

We have the experience of having taken scores of vehicles in to be roadworthied, and we use roadworthy checklists to minimise issues.

Let us just get it done on your behalf.

Generator Repair & Service center of all makes & sizes of generators.


We also rent out & service generators of all makes and sizes.

Choose 35/40/100 kVA generator for min 3-day hire. We also offer generator transport.

Talk to us today about your generator needs.

We will do a pre-journey safety check of your car.


Let us do a safety check on your vehicle before travelling.

Don't get stuck on a long journey, especially in remote or cross-border places!

Our checklist gives you comfort.

Did you Know?

Knysna RMI affiliated service center
  • Entrusting your vehicle to KMS means it is insured while in our workshop.
  • Your vehicle's warranty should be upheld by the manufacturer even if serviced by a non-agent as long as the maintenance schedule is followed.
  • We offer traceability of all parts, which is another warranty requirement.
  • Your vehicle's Full Service History service is intact as long as we stamp your maintenance booklet after each complete service.

"Fast & friendly service! They also drop and pick you up, using your car, for whole-day jobs."
- Milly Adams

"Great service and workmanship. I recommend having your vehicle serviced here."
- Robert Bull